About Us

Our first priority is to provide natural food to our customers.

Bhadradri International is a  manufacturer and exports a frozen meat like mutton (Lamb) and chicken. Which is located in South India of Telangana State, Bhadradri Kothagudem District.

Our area Bhadradri Kothagudem having lots of natural resources like vast forest area and natural water resources, our company situated in such advantages location. This is good environment for naturally growing of cattle in organic way. That’s why we don’t need a special certification of organic meat, whether said or not our product grownups in organic way and cage free style.

Our motto is that  “A successful business depends on relationships built on trust and a shared passion to deliver quality of both product and service.

Bhadradri International objective is to develop international business based on our trust, business relationship, network and collaboration as partners of our overseas buyers with emphasis on reliability as the key to our relationship. We stay focused to build a new relationship with potential and genuine buyers, we always ensure to deliver the finest quality of meat to the end customer.

bhadradri international

Choose Us For The best

bhadradri international

You may receive multiple quotations and offers from different suppliers, but when it comes to superior meat, sales and customer service Bhadradri International is the best choice, so buyers can do business with us confidently, we are the credible suppliers.

Bhadradri International has a strong farmer’s background and believes that we work very closely with farmers.

Each customers has a unique set of requirements, challenges and needs  and it’s our business to ensure that they all meet with Quality, sustainable, healthy meat  products that exceeds expectations.

at bhadradri international we have the experience, resource, methods and means  to deliver quality with exceptional end-products.

We not only offer the safest products, but also the finest possible organic meat to the market and consistently strive for zero percent defects in our processing standards.